Interviews & Features

Columbia College Today, January 2019 — “Who Wants To Live Forever?” (link)

Star 2, December 2018 — “Rachel Heng’s debut novel ponders youth, perfection & immortality” (link)

BBC, July 2018 -- "What if Burgers and Beers Were Illegal?"

Grazia, July 2018, July 2018 -- "Clean Eating Is Just Another Way To Punish Ourselves"

Evening Standard, July 2018 -- "Arts & Culture: Wellness is The City's New Must-Have Luxury"

The Telegraph, July 2018 -- "Living & Features: Wellness on Wall Street"

Electric Literature, July 2018 -- "What If You Could Live Forever?" (link)

Phoenix Magazine, July 2018 -- "Would You Want to Live Forever?" (link)

Adroit Journal, July 2018 -- "Conversations with Contributors" (link)

Library Journal, June 2018 -- "Debut Spotlight: LJ Talks to First Novelist Rachel Heng" (link)

The Rumpus, May 2018 -- "Letting Go Of What We Love: Talking With Rachel Heng" (link)

The Straits Times, July 2017 -- "Singaporean's debut novel scores six-figure sums from US, UK publishers in auction" (link)

Radio and TV

Channel News Asia, August 2018 -- "First Look Asia: A Chat With Rachel Heng" (link)

London Live, July 2018 -- "Rachel Heng on society's obsession with living forever" (link)

88 Cups of Tea Podcast, July 2018 -- "Rachel Heng: Turning Rejections Into Motivation"

91.7FM KOOP, May 2018 -- "Writing On The Air"

Youtube, June 2018 -- "Rachel Heng Talks About Her Debut Novel Suicide Club" (link)

Reviews & Round-Ups

The Atlantic, September 2019 — “The Books Briefing: On Growing Old and Growing Up” (link)

F(r)iction, June 2019 — “Review: Rachel Heng’s Suicide Club” (link)

Il Foglio, April 2019 — “Review: Suicide Club” (link)

Il Libraio, April 2019 — “E se fossimo costretti a vivere per sempre?” (link)

Vogue, March 2019 — “23 distopias literárias que nos obrigam a pensar "E se?"“ (link)

Esquire, March 2019 — “Modern Dystopian Fiction To Satisfy Your Gnawing Sense Of Dread” (link)

rain taxi, January 2019 — “Review: Suicide Club, A Novel About Living” (link)

Lit Hub, December 2018 — “5 Sci-Fi and Fantasy Books by Women to Bring With You Into 2019” (link)

The Business Times, December 2018 — “2018 Hit List”

Entropy Mag, December 2018 — “Best of 2018: Fiction Books” (link)

Bustle, November 2018 — “9 New Dystopian Novels” (link)

Black Warrior Review, November 2018 — “Review: Suicide Club by Rachel Heng” (link)

The Austin Chronicle, October 2018 — “A Bittersweet Yet Life-Affirming Story of Eternity Versus Death” (link)

Standpoint, September 2018 — “The Road To Redemption” (link)

The Atlantic, August 2018 -- "Suicide Club Takes On the Tyranny of Wellness" (link)

Los Angeles Times, August 2018 -- "3 Science Fiction Books For The Summer" (link), August 2018 -- "6 Literary Visions Of The Future" (link)

The Business Times, August 2018 -- "A New Chapter for Singlit" (link)

Cha Journal, August 2018 — “Reasons to Live: Rachel Heng’s Suicide Club” (link)

The Business Times, August 2018 -- "Singapore Tales Of The Macabre" (link)

Bustle, July 2018 -- "11 New Sci-Fi Books To Read If You've Never Read Sci-Fi Before" (link)

The Irish Times, July 2018 -- "Quality Over Quantity In The Chase of Immortality" (link)

Metro News, July 2018 -- "An Age of Little Innocence" (link)

Stylist, July 2018 -- "Meditations on modern life and raging women: July’s best new books" (link)

The Millions, July 2018 -- "Most Anticipated: The Great Second-Half 2018 Book Preview" (link)

Bustle, July 2018 -- "15 Books You Need To Know This Week" (link)

Hello Giggles, July 2018 -- "Books Coming Out This Week" (link)

New Scientist, July 2018 -- "Don’t miss: immortality in New York, sulphur and science comedy" (link)

iBooks, July 2018 -- "Best Books of The Month"

Stylist Magazine, July 2018 -- "July's Best New Books" (link)

Gizmodo, July 2018 -- "29 New Scifi and Fantasy Books to Add to Your Reading List in July" (link)

Bitch Media, July 2018 -- "11 Books Feminists Should Read In July" (link)

Paste Magazine, July 2018 — “The 10 Best Books of July 2018” (link)

NYLON, July 2018 -- "16 Great New Books To Read This July" (link)

Good Housekeeping, July 2018 -- "Fantastic First Novels" 

Coil Mag, July 2018 -- "Most Anticipated July 2018 Books" (link)

Library Journal, June 2018 -- "Summer Fall Best Debut Novels" (link)

Stylist Magazine, June 2018 -- "Book Wars"

The Irish Times, June 2018 -- "Great Summer Reads" (link), June 2018 -- "20 Summer Books We Cannot Wait to Read!" (link)

ELLE, June 2018 -- "ELLE's Ultimate Summer Books Round-Up" (link)

Running in Heels, June 2018 -- "Best New Books Summer 2018" (link)

The Rumpus, June 2018 -- "What To Read When You've Made It Halfway Through 2018"  (link)

NYLON, May 2018 -- "46 Great Books To Read This Summer" (link)

Paperback Paris, May 2018 -- "The Best 18 New Books We Think You’ll Wanna Backpack This Summer" (link)

Book Riot, May 2018 -- "10 July New Releases to Put On Hold At The Library Right" (link)

The Independent, April 2018 -- "Summer reading: The debut novelists to know this year" (link)

The Straits Times, April 2018 -- "Singapore's female novelists go places" (link)

Library Journal, January 2018 -- "Summer Debuts | Fiction Previews, Jul. 2018" (link)

What Page Are You On, January 2018 -- " 2018 Books To Look Forward To" (link)

Star 2, January 2018 -- "What are the hot books you need to look out for in 2018?" (link)

Karla J Strand, January 2018 -- "12 Must-Read Fiction Books by Women – 2018" (link)

The Tattooed Book, January 2018 -- "Looking Forward to 2018" (link)

The Independent, December 2017 -- "The emerging authors to look out for in 2018" (link)

Grazia, December 2017 -- "Bookmark These"

Evening Standard, August 2017 -- "Can you teach someone to write a bestseller?" (link)

Bookseller, June 2017 -- "Sceptre wins debut Suicide Club after 'heated' auction" (link)

Bookbrunch, June 2017 -- "Sceptre wins auction for debut" (link)

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